Why should we use conductive carbon blacks ?
To conduct electricity
To prevent any electrostatic charge accumulation during the production of pieces or in use (ESD)
To shield electromagnetic interferences (EMI)

Role of ENSACO® in Polymers

High Electrical Conductivity
– aggregates with Medium to High Structure
Excellent Dispersion
– unique production process delivering soft, flake-type particles
– unique combination of High Structure and Low Surface Area (Ensaco 250G-type)
      » Easy mixing and processing / higher fluidity retention, lower energy input
      » Smooth surface finish of end pieces
      » Better mechanical property retention
      » Good balance of electrical and mechanical properties
      » Low water absorption
High Purity
– unique, clean production process
      » Low grit, ash, sulphur, metal and ionic content

Greade NamePolymer TypesSpecific surface area B.E.T. (m2/g), ASTM D3037-89ColorPhysical Form (Beads, Pellets, Powder, Flakes)Purity (%weight), Moisture content, ISO 787/2ASH content, ASTM D1506-99Product DescriptionDatasheet
ENSACO 250 GCONDUCTIVE CARBON65BlackPowders0.10.01Conductive carbon blacks with high to very high structure (or void volume) allowing the retention of carbon network at low to very low filler content. The void volume can originate from the interstices between the carbon black particles, due to their complex arrangement, and from the porosity.