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The COVID-19 pandemThe beauty market is one of CHIMEI’s longest-served markets. We have supplied all major business segments requiring plastic materials for packaging, from skincare and haircare, colored make-up, fragrances and toiletries. CHIMEI has always been one of the major plastic materials providers in cosmetic packaging, especially when luxury products shifted from glass and ceramic packaging to high-quality plastics. We offer a comprehensive range of plastic materials that comply with EU cosmetic regulations. They feature in-demand characteristics, such as crystal-clear transparency, high gloss finishing, stable physical properties, chemical resistance and being lightweight.ic has continued to spread for two years, and the way of doing business has also been changed. Not only face-to-face business visits are restricted, but many trade exhibitions have also been forced to cancel, postpone, or transform into online exhibitions. In order to share the latest development of the company with global business partners in real time, CHIMEI specially launched the “A Day in CHIMEI” online exhibition with an interactive and immersive experience, so as to overcome the inconvenience of the pandemic and shorten the distance in time and space with global partners . Through the 360-degree virtual factory scene and the carefully planned text and video content, visitors can easily feel as if they are in CHIMEI.








We understand our clients’ needs and challenges in producing functional and attractive packaging, while taking production and cost efficiency into account. With our know-how in finding the right materials to meet various product packaging requirements, we have gathered valuable applications experience, which we can further share with our customers to avoid cost or time waste, while getting the results needed. Our materials are suitable for the production of bottles, jars, containers, pumps, dispensers, caps and closures for the following segments:


Casing/housing such as lipstick holders, face powder boxes, make up boxes, brush handles, etc.


Bottles, pumps and dispensers for cleanser, toner and lotion; jars and containers for facial and hand moisturizer, etc.


Bottles, pumps and dispensers for shampoo and conditioner; jars and containers for hair treatment and coloring cream; salon supplies containers, caps and closures, etc.


Bottles, containers, pumps and dispensers for body wash, shampoo, etc.