The Audit Committee

Mr. Suchart Suphayak

Chairman of the Audit

Mr. Virah Mavichak

Independent Director and
Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Chanitr Charnchainarong

Independent Director and
Member of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee

The Board of Director established the Audit Committee who is independent from management. The Audit Committee comprises of Independent Directors who are expertise and not relate with Executive and major shareholder.

Members of the Audit Committee are three directors as follows;

1. Mr. Suchart Suphayak

Chairman of the Audit Committee

2. Mr. Virah Mavichak

Independent Director and Member of the Audit Committee

3. Mr. Chanitr Charnchainarong

Independent Director and Member of the Audit Committee

Secretary of the Audit Committee is Ms. Aroonjit Treesittichate

Mr. Suchart Suphayak and Mr.Chanitr Charnchainarong have the qualification and experience as well as having knowledge in corporate financial and accounting to review creditability of the financial reports of the Company.

Authorities, duties, and responsibilities of the Audit Committee as follows ;

1. To prepare the Charter of the Audit Committee under the scope of responsibility of the Board of Directors and review it annually.

2. To review the Company’s financial reporting and disclosure in the financial statement in accordance with a generally accepted accounting principles sufficiency and accuracy. In addition, to coordinate with the external auditors and the management who is responsible for preparing the financial report quarterly and annually. The Audit Committee may recommend/suggest to the external auditor for reviewing and auditing some significant matters during auditing period.

3. To review the Company’s internal control and internal auditing process together with the external auditor and the internal auditor to ensure that they are appropriate and effective. To consider the independence of the internal audit department and to approve the appointment, transferring, and dismissal of the head of an internal audit department or other department that is responsible for internal audit.

4. To review the Company’s practice in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act, and the regulation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, or the law which is related the Company’s business.

5. To consider, select and propose the appointment of the Company’s auditor including the audit fee by considering the independence, creditability, the adequacy of its resources, the firm’s audit engagements, and the experience of its supervisory and professional staff, as well as to attend a non-management meeting with an auditor at least once a year.

6. To review the Company’s related transaction or conflict of interest transaction in accordance with the law and regulation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and to ensure that such transactions are reasonable and beneficial to the Company.

7. To perform any other tasks as assigned by the Board of directors and the Audit Committee agrees them such as reviewing the policy of a financial management and a risk management, the compliance with the Code of Ethics of the management, a significant reports which are disclosed to the public accordance with the law (e.g. Management Discussion and Analysis – MD&A)

8. To supervise the internal audit and service provider by reviewing and comment audit plan and supervising all work in the audit plan.

9. To prepare the Audit Committee report which is disclosed in the annual report of the Company and is signed by the Chairman of the Audit Committee. The report contains the following information;
        9.1 Comments on the Company’s financial reporting process and the disclosure of its financial information, which must be correct, sufficient, and credible.
        9.2 Comments on the adequacy of the Company’s internal control systems.
        9.3 Comments on the adequacy of the Company’s risk management systems.
        9.4 Comments on compliance with the Securities and Exchange Acts, Regulations of the SET, and any other relevant laws.
        9.5 The reason to believe that the external auditor is appropriate to be appointed as the Company’s auditor.
        9.6 Comment on related transactions or conflict of interest transactions.
        9.7 The number of the Audit Committee meetings and attendance of each member of the meeting.
        9.8 An opinion or overview comment received by the Audit Committee from its performance of duties in accordance with the charter.
        9.9 Other statements that shareholders and general investors deem to be considered under the scope of the functions and responsibilities assigned to them by the Board of directors.

Under the scope of authority, the Audit Committee has authority to call or order the management, the head of department, or employees who are related transactions to attend meetings or submit documents deemed necessary, is able to seek independent opinions from other professional consultants as deemed necessary by the Company is responsible all expenses.

The Audit Committee is directly responsible to the Board of directors. The Audit Committee is subject to three years term. Nevertheless, a retiring director is eligible for re-election in accordance with the Board of directors deems appropriate.

The Audit Committees performs duties within the scope of duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board of directors who is responsible directly to the shareholders, stakeholders, and other person.