Message from the chairman

In 2023, we have observed that the world has largely returned to normalcy in the post-COVID era. However, some economic pressure persists due to the eruption of geopolitical conflicts worldwide. These conflicts include the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts, the Red Sea Crisis, and political tension in the South China Sea. All of these events directly impact energy prices and result in rising logistic costs, consequently leading to an overall slowdown in global exports and economic growth worldwide.

In response to the unstable and unpredictable environment, our company has closely monitored the situations and has been able to timely adjust our operational strategies to handle the new and emerging challenges. By the end of the year, I’m pleased to inform you that we have successfully reached our projected target. In 2023, we achieved THB 5,111 million in revenue, with THB 186 million as the net profit. With such performance, I am confident that we are ready to move forward into our 30th year of operation with a firm commitment to sustainability in our business strategy

There are several noteworthy achievements we made this year that should be highlighted. In 2023, we were selected by a number of leading companies to be their product distributors. One of them is Celanese Pte, Ltd., from which we were granted the right to distribute polyamide, high-performance polyamide, PBT, TPC-ET, and PET. Other companies include Nippon Talc, Silike Technology, and Nouryon. Additionally, we are working on strengthening our product variety by continuing our efforts in product innovation and development under our own “GIC” brand.

The company remains focused on enhancing our capacity in corporate governance, risk management, internal audit, and lawful and sustainable business practices that are socially and environmentally friendly. We have been rated “Excellent” in corporate governance by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) for seven consecutive years since 2017. Additionally, we have been categorized at level 2 for the Green Industry Standards by the Ministry of Industry. Such achievements reflect our commitment to sound business practices and full transparency towards our stakeholders. We uphold good business ethics and maintain our responsibility to society and the environment. Furthermore, we continue to foster a culture of learning and innovation within our organization to establish a strong foundation for our ongoing research and development efforts. We believe this is key to our sustainable future growth.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the ongoing trust and support from our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and financial institutions. I am sincerely thankful to the management team and every employee of the company for their contributions to our success in 2023, and I remain hopeful for our bright future in the years to come.