What is GC's dividend policy?

The company dividend payment policy is at the rate “not less than 40% of the Company’s net profit after taxation, and the appropriation of all kinds of reserve fund stipulated by the company. However, the dividend payment is depending on GC’s future investment plan and other necessary and appropriate matters.

Does GC pay interim dividends?

GC’s dividends are usually paid twice yearly, and include the interim and year-end dividend payments.

What should I do to get GC's annual report, Financial Statements, or Presentation?

You can download from our website at in the part of Investor Relations

How much of a tax credit does a shareholder request in regard to GC’s dividend when filing personal income tax?

Since 2013, 20% corporate tax will effect GC’ s performance in which individual shareholders can request for a tax credit equal to 20/(100-20) or 20/80 of amount of dividend payment of each year. However, individual shareholders can start to request for a tax credit at 20% from the 1st half of 2013 performance.

Moreover, tax credit will be calculated depend on tax base of each individual shareholder.