Millad® NX8000 is a new-to-the-world chemistry that significantly expands the performance of polypropylene clarification. Millad NX8000 allows polypropylene to approach the look of high clarity plastics like polystyrene and polycarbonate. Millad NX8000 can be compounded in PP using the standard methods and additive packages currently used for other clarifying agents. As with Milliken’s Third Generation technology (Millad 3988i), Millad NX8000 must completely dissolve in the resin to achieve optimum clarity. Millad NX8000 is designed to melt at a lower temperature than Millad 3988i, 
which allows for easier dissolving during compounding.     

Grade namePolymer TypesDosage Recommend (%)Melt range(27) (?C)Physical Form (Beads, Pellets, Powder, Flakes)Product Description

MILLAD NX 8000 Datasheet

CLEARIFYING AGENT“Ultimate Clarity”, i.e. the best opticals, “breakthrough” clarity combined with cycle time reduction and improved processing window with NX 8000 at “standard” (~3000-4000 ppm) loading. 190-230PowderClarifying agents for use in clear Polypropylene applications

MILLAD NX 8000 J Datasheet

CLEARIFYING AGENT“Enhanced Quality”, i.e. the reduced yellowness, higher Tc, improved productivity and energy savings possible with NX 8000 at “standard” (~2000 ppm) loading. Grades with higher levels of NX 8000 demonstrate even more dramatic optical improvement.190-230PowderClarifying agents for use in clear Polypropylene applications